Shindy Carburetor Repair Kit 03-854 Yamaha YZ125 ’02-04



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Shindy Products Inc. has proven to be successful in the industry for over 30 years. They use their expertise to manufacture Carburetor Repair Kits perfectly fitted to the OEM product.

Made in Japan using only the best materials.

  • Tried and tested for years by local customers in the industry.
  • Our award-winning rubber top float valves are made using highest quality rubber and a plated body for resistance to harsh gas, ethanol, and methanol.
  • Each complete kit rebuilds OEM carburetors to achieve optimum performance.
  • Included are main and pilot jets, jet needle sets, float valves, float chamber gaskets and o-rings Idle screw sets, pilot screw sets and air screw sets also included if applicable.
  • The jets included in each kit is for common sizes. According to riding conditions and riding preference, different size jets may be used.

Fits: Yamaha

Yamaha YZ125 ’02-04



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